The Wisdom of Wool


The Wisdom of Wool Exhibition

Sheep wander over the landscape, forever in contact with natural elements, tracking their rhythmic paths, picking up brambles and hedgerow debris as they move from place to place:

The Wisdom of Wool Exhibition celebrates a natural material, which is wholly part of our landscape, heritage and culture reframed through the unique vantage point of Sophie Myfanwy Wellan's art practise.

Fleece is a new material to Sophie and one, which fits perfectly into the repertoire of materials that she has been working in over the past fifteen years. "Fleece possess a potency and wisdom", she feels. Sophie juxtaposes reworked wool with metaphorically significant elemental metals and wild plants in a creative journey to illustrate the deep loss of our interconnection with the natural world, the ebbing away of our instinctive powers.

"Forever in my mind is the need to explore the metaphysical world... I work instinctively and am constantly striving to marry the spiritual and the physical in an attempt to produce work, which possesses a deeper truth and a dynamic tension. My work contains ideas of ritual, power, transformation and the remarkable connection between all things, endeavouring to retain a sense of personal 'connectedness' through the language of materials and the spiritual nature of substance is a strong motivation in my work and life."

Sophie Myfanwy Wellan 2015