The Wisdom of Wool



They are ready (almost)

The Wisdom of Wool - They are ready (almost)

I really feel the need to work something into the base of the garments.At the moment they dont look grounded enough.
tomorrow i will hunt for tree roots to stitch into the bottom of the garments.
i want them to look as though they have been really connected to the earth.
Maybe some real earth on the skirts would work.


the red flannel cloaks

The Wisdom of Wool - the red flannel cloaks

Both figures will have cloaks of red flannel with raw fleece trim.
I love the idea of the healing qualities of red flannel used as a cloak in this context.
The cloak is also a symbol of power,wisdom and protection,all these attributes are connected with nature.


finishing off

The Wisdom of Wool - finishing off

This is so much harder than it looks,trying to get a piece of fabric to hang right from a piece of felt ehich isnt completey square!!


putting backing on the constellation hanging

The Wisdom of Wool - putting backing on the constellation hanging

It is time to move this out of the studio to finish it off,


pinning the bodice

The Wisdom of Wool - pinning the bodice

the metal torsos for these figures work brilliantly but they need a bit of padding here and there before the garments go on


L'il boy

The Wisdom of Wool - L'il boy

He wont know what to do when this fleece project is over.


hawthorn branches found in the hedgerow

The Wisdom of Wool - hawthorn branches found in the hedgerow

i have been looking for a way to support the crib in a hammock type way.
The hawthorn tree is one of the most wild,sacred and ancient of our native trees and is prevalent throughout wild rural Wales.
In folkelore,the hawthorn tree symbolises abandonment and fertility.
The may tree is linked with procreation and is a tree that stands at the threshhold of the 'other' world
I willl have to devise a way of making these branches stand self supported ,with the help of my freindly blacksmith Eifion from Dinas Cross


the crib

The Wisdom of Wool - the crib

Another veiw of the woven crib.
This is made with longwool soft locks,individually washed and woven through copper wire.
I love the symbolism around the metal copper.
Its ruling planet is Venus,and it symbolises connectivity amongst other things.


The crib

The Wisdom of Wool - The crib

Here i have wired copper strands to the copper wire corners running through the warp of the woven crib.
Just to hang it in the studio to see what it looks like suspended and what it may need to be finished.


summer plants,

The Wisdom of Wool - summer plants,

Starting the process of attaching the plants to the felt again,as i did with the dark garment.
I read a great quote from the great fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen. which i feel helps to explain this work a little.

'It Needs To Connect With The Earth.
Things That Are Processed Lose Their Substance


Red deer naturally shed antlers.

The Wisdom of Wool - Red deer naturally shed antlers.

The red female deer,symbolises,femininity,gracefulness and sublety.
She calls us to release the material 'trappings' of civilisation.
To go deep into the forest to explore our own magical and spiritual nature.
The deer is 'in tune' with nature.


naturally shed red deer antlers

The Wisdom of Wool - naturally shed red deer antlers

I have been researching deer antlers and their symbolism
In babylonian astrology,which is one of the most ancient astrology systems known,the stag is thought to be the oldest constellation,still visible in our modern skies.


The summer garment.

The Wisdom of Wool - The summer garment.

This is the white felted wool garment,symbolising spring and summer,light,day.
It is awaiting pressed damask roses,cow parsley,yarrow and bare seed stars.


A white cloud of carded fleece.

The Wisdom of Wool - A white cloud of carded fleece.

Its always an exciting stage when the fleece looks so perfect and even.
until the water and soap goes on to make it into felt.


I love this carding machine!

The Wisdom of Wool - I love this carding machine!

These carded batts of wool i am hoping will be enough to make a long dress for the white figure.
its great having this carding machine,thanks Bettina!