The Wisdom of Wool




The Wisdom of Wool - creating

weaving raw fleece through crocheted nettle twine with pressed dog roses and lavender.


Bouncy the sheeps' fleece, as Cloak

The Wisdom of Wool - Bouncy the sheeps' fleece, as Cloak

First sketch for the white cloak.
raw fleece stitched onto muslin,at this stage just trying to see how to make it all work together,A bit like quantity surveying.



my giant homemade flower press

The Wisdom of Wool - my giant homemade flower press

this is so exciting,its so big i forget what ive put in it and months later its like opening a treasure box.


last years gifts

The Wisdom of Wool - last years gifts

Last years pressed plants along with dried Alexanders seedheads


Bosherston on a beautful spring day

The Wisdom of Wool - Bosherston on a beautful spring  day

I am drawn to recording plant life as it emeges from the winter
Will be collecting and pressing wild medicinal plants as they appear throughout spring and summer.


wild sorrel

The Wisdom of Wool - wild sorrel

Masses of sheep sorrel out in huge clumps everywhere.
Natures salad bar is open for lunch!


plant collecting day Bosherston

The Wisdom of Wool - plant collecting day Bosherston

Its so great to feel the sun on my skin,and to be out in nature when everything is waking and coming alive after the long winter we have just had.
Its a relief.


The first day of proper spring sunshine

The Wisdom of Wool - The first day of proper spring sunshine

I feel like staying here,like this for a really long time................


Rolling ,rolling,rolling!!!!

The Wisdom of Wool - Rolling ,rolling,rolling!!!!

The idea of having to create many metres of felt using this rolling technique is more than i can bear.
i have to research another method.
The mongolians use horses to drag rolls of wetted felt around the countryside while they have a chat.
Then they build a house (yurt) from it! Sorted.



The Wisdom of Wool - feltmaking.

My first experiment ,felting white fleece onto black.
It took ages to felt together,which is slightly disheartening when i think of the amount of fabric i am making.


feltmaking workshop with pembrokeshire guild

The Wisdom of Wool - feltmaking workshop with pembrokeshire guild

my first serious feltmaking experience


the drying rack!

The Wisdom of Wool - the drying rack!

Drying Bouncys' already felted fleece.
I found that by washing this one too hot it completed felted together


I have to rent a proper hairdressing premises

The Wisdom of Wool - I have to rent a proper hairdressing premises

Thats where Davids hair went!


bouncys'beautiful fleece

The Wisdom of Wool - bouncys'beautiful fleece

this fleece is so thick and soft it felted on its own simply by washing it in warm water.
Mmmmm not sure what to do with it now.


only 10 kilos of wool to go!

The Wisdom of Wool - only 10 kilos of wool to go!

Washing 'fleece ,its quite a strange feeling washing reams of sheeps 'hair',freaky!
This one was really filthy,it took several washes to get it really clean.


first things first

The Wisdom of Wool - first things first

washing the fleece ,quite a major feat when you have three or four whole fleeces to clean and dry.A definate sheepy aroma.


so much choice!

The Wisdom of Wool - so much choice!

For the project i have chosen a fleece from 'bouncy a white 'mule' sheep and a dark brown/black fleece from a sheep called 'Bethany'
I want to create a white cloak and a black cloak from raw fleece and then undergarments in contrasting felt to begin with.


masses of fleece

The Wisdom of Wool - masses of fleece

Visiting Caroline on her sheep farm in mid Wales.
This is all such a fleecy minefield,at this point i havnt got much of a clue what is good to create what, i just know i have a lot to do.!!!
All this raw sheepfleece feels very exciting,here begins the journey of fleece to fibre.