The Wisdom of Wool



just enough to make a dress

The Wisdom of Wool - just enough to make a dress

This will be the start of the white felt undergarment,with crocheted nettle bodice


The Wisdom of Wool -

Looks as though it has been in a storm !
The feltmaking technique is improving slowly


it looks so perfect

The Wisdom of Wool - it looks so perfect

at this stage when the fleece is carded and layered to be felted is like the calm before the storm!


palm washboard

The Wisdom of Wool - palm washboard

This is the thing i have been waiting for,NO MORE ROLLING!!!!


the miracle feltmaking tool

The Wisdom of Wool - the miracle feltmaking tool

I love this thing


laying out carded fleece for large piece of felt

The Wisdom of Wool - laying out carded fleece for large piece of felt

I want to create a really large piece of felt ,to enable me to make an undergarment for the black fleece cloak from one single piece.
I am so glad i have my magic tool,the palm washboard felting tool extroadinaire!
It cuts the felting process time down by half.


first sketch for undergarment

The Wisdom of Wool - first sketch for undergarment

I am really pleased with the fleece i bought for this dark felt ,it is from a hebridean sheep.Soft and rich in colour.
The bodice is made from crocheted nettle fibre.
The plants are calendula marjoram,wild rose, thyme and apple blossom.
These are roughly scattered onto the fabric just to give me an idea of how they look.


sketch for fleece cloak

The Wisdom of Wool - sketch for fleece cloak


trying stuff out in the studio

The Wisdom of Wool - trying stuff out in the studio

this is an assemblage of test pieces of materials.
crocheted nettle twine,felted fleece(white onto black) and raw fleece woven into the nettle twine.
I have started to introduce the idea of attatching pressed medicinal plants to the fleece