The Wisdom of Wool



A purrrrfect nest

The Wisdom of Wool - A purrrrfect nest

This picture is the antedote to the last one!


What a disaster!

The Wisdom of Wool - What a disaster!

I am almost too embarassed to put this picture up,but this is whats happening so i cant be selective.
In all fairness this was only two layers of raw uncarded fleece but i have successfully used this method before.
This fleece was really patchy,hard to find soft even strands to lay down.
Back to the drawing board on this one.
I need to source the perfect fleece.


Here Goes!

The Wisdom of Wool - Here Goes!

Here Goes!


The final try with hebridean fleece

The Wisdom of Wool - The final try with hebridean fleece

The final try with the hebridean fleece.
I was very dissapointed with how filthy this fleece was when it arrived,i have spent most of my time cleaning it.and carding it to get rid of the bits in it.
To get it to this stage took about two days!!!


definately the female version

The Wisdom of Wool - definately the female version

playing with damask roses and primroses,i think i need to find something to make the flowers a little more durable,maybe coating them in something .


pressed dandelion

The Wisdom of Wool - pressed dandelion

trying out pressed dandelions,stitching them on at this stage with pure gold thread.
they are located in the area of the liver as they are a herb which is beneficial to that part of the body.


the wild garlic path

The Wisdom of Wool - the wild garlic path

This morning the woods are pungent with the smell of wild garlic,what a pleasure seeing this beautiful edible plant in such abundance.


white felt with damask rose

The Wisdom of Wool - white felt with damask rose

A succesful piece of white felt,thanks to the lovely' Bouncy',one of Carolines flock up near Lampeter.
I just have to find a black equivalent.


In the studio

The Wisdom of Wool - In the studio

sifting through hebridean fleece in the studio,carding it with a veiw to making felt,i am not convinced anymore about hebridean fleece making good felt.
Out of a whole fleece i have managed to find a small amount good enough.(that was used earlier for the dark undergarment)


cleavers for pressing

The Wisdom of Wool - cleavers for pressing

These are part of the medicinal plant collection to be integrated into the fleece garment
This plant is called cleavers .Medicinally used to clear the lymphatic system in the spring.A spring cleaning tonic.


calendula,roses,thyme,dandelion (fom last years press)

The Wisdom of Wool - calendula,roses,thyme,dandelion (fom last years press)

The collection grows.
Dandelion is in the dominion of Jupiter i read yeaterday.
white roses are ruled by the moon.
Culpepers herbal is an exciting inspiring book which looks at the connections between plants and planets.(as well as a mine of other information)


Culpepers Herbal

The Wisdom of Wool - Culpepers Herbal

A good resource to finding out what plants are good to heal different parts of the body,this will help me determine how to integrate the plants in the work.
also a really fascinating book showing how plants and certain planets are connected.


dandelions ,fleece and my favouite research book.

The Wisdom of Wool - dandelions ,fleece and my favouite research book.

I am at the point where i am not sure of anything ,whether any of my ideas are actually going to work.